Reece Sutton Phillips Renshi - 5th Dan

Reece Sutton Phillips Renshi is the full-time Principal Coach and Founder of Valor Combat Systems - incorporating Valor Ju Jitsu (established August 2009), Valor Precision Combat (established May 2017) and Valor Vitalise (established January 2019).

Martial Arts Qualifications and experience: -

❖ 5th Dan Black belt in Valor Ju Jitsu.

❖ 5th Dan Black belt in Valor Precision Combat.

❖ 5th Dan Black belt in Goshin Ryu International under Hanshi Steve Barnett 10th Dan.

❖ 5th Dan Black belt in the World Alliance of Martial Arts under Hanshi Steve Barnett 10th Dan.

❖ Over two decades worth of knowledge and expertise developing Martial Arts in Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire, within the United Kingdom.

He instructs at various Clubs, Schools and Courses to a mixed age range throughout Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and throughout the United Kingdom. 

These include:  -

❖ Valor Ju Jitsu Mini Samurai and Valor Precision Combat Mini Raion (4yrs-6yrs).

❖ Valor Ju Jitsu Junior and Valor Precision Combat Junior (7yrs-15yrs). 

❖ Valor Ju Jitsu Adult and Valor Precision Combat Adult (16yrs+).

❖ Adaptive Valor Ju Jitsu and Adaptive Valor Precision Combat - inclusive for mobility  impairments (All age groups).

❖ Self-Protection Workshops.

❖ Valor Vitalise - over 60s fitness and self-defence class.       

Ongoing development continues with the expansion of varied Syllabuses to incorporate changing demands in the modern world.  


Telephone: +447794577797

Shropshire, England, United Kingdom.

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