These Workshops are designed to cover a training programme offering basic 'Self-Protection'.


Programme includes: -


❖ Introduction of the law regarding 'Self-Defence'.

❖ Learning effective skills and techniques.

❖ Developing awareness.

❖ Confidence building.

❖ Enhancing co-ordination.

❖ A Portfolio including outline of subjects covered.

Please use the Contact page to pre-book Courses.

Recommendations  from previous participants: -

❖ "Great course! Thoroughly enjoyed it and very insightful!" - Bekki Charles

❖ "Very simple and effective skills" - Emma Fisher

❖ "Gained more confidence from learning this Course" - Sam Stafford

❖ "Very helpful for my job in a community centre and everyday life" - Julia Swann 

❖ "Very informative, made it fun to try all the moves. All round excellent - would recommend the Course!" - Margaret Sciascia

❖ "It gave me an insight with something I would never have envisaged trying. I will be looking at the information pack provided and trying techniques at home and may look to take training further." - Rita Costar


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