Valor Combat Systems provides professional Martial Arts and Self-Defence tuition.

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  • No experience needed!

  • Classes for children and adults!

  • Covid-Secure Social Distance and Online Martial Arts classes available!

  • Monthly Standing Order options include a range of Covid-Secure Social Distance classes and unlimited Online Martial Arts classes!

  • New students Pay As You Go option until the first month of the Standing Order payment!

  • Online Martial Arts classes are available through 'Zoom Cloud Meetings'!

  • Private 1-2-1 online classes available on request (Adults only)!

Our classes are taught in a modern, progressive way, developing self-defence whilst building personal development in fitness, confidence, self-control, determination, perseverance and self-esteem. All students are taught respect, considered to be a core value and are expected to demonstrate this to both their Sensei (Club Coach) and peers. Martial Arts provides self-discipline with clear structure and rules, helping to instil good values throughout life.

Techniques are broken down into small stages to help the student learn gradually. Repetition of movements aid fluidity, understanding, spatial awareness and co-ordination. Emphasis on self-control and concentration is taught to help the students maintain focus with their peers – resulting in improved teamwork and socialisation skills.


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*Valor Combat Systems Covid-Secure Martial Arts Class Timetable is available to download below (these classes are unavailable until further notice).*

*Valor Combat Systems Online Martial Arts Class Timetable is available to download below*

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Valor Combat Systems Student Expectations during Covid restrictions?

Market Drayton Dojo Covid-19 Safe Guidelines

Shawbury Dojo Covid-19 Safe Guidelines

Market Drayton Dojo Plan

Shawbury Dojo Plan

Shrewsbury Dojo Covid-19 Safe Guidelines

Newport Dojo Covid-19 Safe Guidelines

Shrewsbury Dojo Plan

Newport Dojo Plan