Valor Ju Jitsu, founded in August 2009, aims to provide the study of a modern Ju Jitsu System.


Ju Jitsu is a Japanese Martial Art - developed by the Samurai in Feudal Japan for Close Combat. Primarily used for defeating an armed and armoured opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon. Although Valor Ju Jitsu acknowledges 'some' of the Japanese philosophy, a more westernised System is taught.

The core principle of Ju Jitsu is to redirect the opponent’s attacks against themselves.


To achieve this necessitates a combination of: -


❖ Strikes.

❖ Throws.

❖ Sweeps.

❖ Locks.

❖ Ground techniques.

❖ Weaponry.

Tuition is provided from the age of 4 years onwards, for most abilities.

Valor Ju Jitsu offers to promote the development of positive life skills. These include: -


❖ Developing self-defence.

❖ Strengthening confidence.

❖ Enhancing co-ordination.

❖ Building fitness.

❖ Boosting awareness.

❖ Learning mutual respect.

'Valor' translates as 'bravery', 'courage', 'heroism' and is an important  component of 'Bushido' (Way of the Warrior) – the Samurai Code of Conduct.

The word and spelling of 'Valor' derives from the language of Late Latin – 'to be strong'.


The most common definition of ‘Ju Jitsu’ is: -


❖ 'Ju' – 'gentle', 'soft', 'flexible', 'pliable' and 'yielding'.

❖ 'Jitsu' – 'art', 'science' and 'technique'.


Ju Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu and Ju Jutsu are variations of spelling, with the same meaning throughout the world.

The translation to 'Gentle Art' is a very simplistic representation, but one well suited to western language use.

'Valor' is one of the seven virtues of Bushido and encourages the remaining six within our System: -


1.  Rectitude (moral conduct/integrity).

2.  Benevolence (of kindly stature/kindness).

3.  Respect (an attitude of consideration or high regard).

4.  Honesty (The act, quality or condition of being honest; to be truthful).

5.  Honour (Regard with great respect).

6. Loyalty (faithful to a cause, ideal, custom and the institution).

There are various Syllabuses within the Valor Ju Jitsu System, which enhance the development of life skills for ages 4yrs+: -

❖ Mini Samurai (Ages 4yrs-6yrs).

❖ Junior Samurai (Ages 7yrs-15yrs).

❖ Adult (Ages 16yrs+).

❖ Adaptive (All age groups).

The Mini Samurai and Junior Samurai may overlap, depending on the individual’s understanding and ability. The Sensei (Club Coach) will assess each student on their merits, before deciding whether commencement of the Junior Samurai Syllabus (from 7yrs), is appropriate.

All beginner students wear a White belt and thereafter grade in the coloured belts as per the Belt Table.

The Mini Samurai Belt System varies slightly, as their belts are all White with a coloured stripe.

Breaking down the moves for the younger ages, permits the students to develop at their own pace, without being initially overwhelmed by techniques.

Grading exams are held every 4 months. However, not every student will attend, depending on the time trained and the progress of the individual.







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