Valor Precision Combat is a division of Valor Combat Systems.

This modern hybrid Street-Smart Close Combat System incorporates a fusion of Martial Arts techniques sourced from Ju Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Filipino Martial Arts. 

Valor Precision Combat encourages students to avoid physical confrontation by using a mix of body language and verbalisation.

Students are tutored to recognise a variety of attacks and are advised to respond in the quickest and most efficient way.

The System is designed to incapacitate an assailant through a combination of: -

❖ Strikes.

❖ Locks.

❖ Takedowns.

❖ Counter skills.

❖ Escort and Restraint techniques.

❖ Weaponry.

Valor Precision Combat endeavours to re-enforce positive development skills. These include: -

❖ Developing self-defence.

❖ Strengthening confidence.

❖ Enhancing co-ordination.

❖ Building fitness.

❖ Boosting spatial awareness.

Valor Precision Combat is a continuously evolving System focusing on real-life situations and challenges. The concept incorporates a philosophy emphasizing controlled aggression and simultaneous offensive/defensive manoeuvres.

There are various Syllabuses within the Valor Precision Combat System, which enhance the development of life skills for all ages: -

❖ Mini Raion (Aged 4yrs-6yrs).

❖ Junior Raion (Aged 7yrs-15yrs).

❖ Adult  (Aged 16yrs+).

❖ Adaptive - inclusive for impaired mobility (All age groups).

The Mini Raion (Mini Lion - Japanese terminology) and Junior Raion may overlap, depending on the individual’s understanding and ability. Certain techniques may be more challenging for some students, dependent on size. The Sensei (Club Coach) will assess each student on their merits before deciding whether commencement of the Junior Raion Syllabus (from 7yrs), is appropriate.

All beginner students wear a White belt and thereafter grade in the coloured belts as per the Belt Table.

The Mini Raion Belt System varies slightly, as their belts are all White with a coloured stripe.

To break down the moves for the younger ages, permits the students to develop at their own pace, without being initially overwhelmed by techniques.

Grading exams are held every 4 months. However, not every student will attend, depending on the time trained and the progress of the individual.







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