❖ The first session for new students is FREE at all of our Clubs and Schools. Please book your free trial session at your Club/School HERE


Valor Combat Systems operates a Standing Order Policy for tuition fees and insurance. Please click on the attached PDF Standing Order Policy below, for further details.


❖ A Valor Ju Jitsu Gi (Uniform) can be purchased from £20 upwards depending on size and specification. Embroidered Gis are offered for Adults only. Please view our Merchandise page for further information. 

❖ A Valor Precision Combat (VPC) uniform consisting of a VPC branded T-shirt and black trousers can be purchased. Please view our Merchandise page for further information. 

❖ Grading (Exam) fees range from £25 upwards for all students aiming for their next level of coloured belt. Each student will be invited by their Sensei when they have achieved the required level of proficiency with continued training.

❖ *Please note* All Valor Ju Jitsu and Valor Precision Combat Clubs inc. After-School Clubs are cashless.  Monthly fees remain payable by Standing Order on the 28th of each month only (After-School Club payments continue to run each month as fees are pro-rata over the academic year). Each Club Coach will have a card machine allowing extra classes (£6) to be paid for on the day. Uniforms and other merchandise ( can be paid via the same method, or alternatively by a direct Bank transfer. 


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